Debt payoff report: September & October 2017

Woops, forgot to post in September, so this is a combined report. September and October definitely weren’t as thrilling as August since we didn’t have a big chunk of money to throw down, but it felt good to keep moving forward with extra payments. I started my side hustle which is both fun and a direct line of income going straight to debt. My husband and I have started to eye what steady state extra payments should look like going forward and I think we can definitely out do what we did in September and October.

But anyway, here we are:

  • Starting balance: $154,470
  • Regular September & October monthly payments: $3,818
  • September & October extra payments: $990
  • New balance: $150,363 

Really looking forward to crossing the $150k mark by the end of this month! It’s also worth noting that when we re-financed our loans 2 years ago our starting balance was $200k, so hitting a $50k milestone is pretty great. It feels daunting that we have 75% more to go, but also encouraging that we have momentum and motivation on our side now. Onward!

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